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what if the exo fandom was like harry potter and we all had houses for our biases like the kai house, the sehun house, the tao house, etc omg


"everyone to the sehufflepuff dorm"

"the winner of the tribias cup is layvenclaw"

*puts on bias hat to determine bias* “SLYTHERCHEN!”

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K-POP hit songs from 2008-2012 in 12 minutes 

I remember when ALL of these came out lol kpop hipster 

The first song got me.

This makes me depressed. 


all my jamssss omg. :LSDKFJ


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I’m an adult, but not like a real adult

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If it actually started raining men I think I’d just start crying and be really terrified and not leave my house and just curl up into a ball and pretend I couldn’t hear the slamming of bodies falling upon my roof under no circumstances would I think “hallelujah” 

it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah

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  • me at 10 pm: i should start heading to bed so i can wake up for school tomorrow
  • me at 11 pm: i need to head to bed now
  • me at 12: im going to regret this tomorrow
  • me at 3 am: no point sleeping now
  • me at 5 am: i could take a quick nap
  • me at 7 am: who the fuck let me stay up last night?


This is my favourite headline maybe ever

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compilation of orange caramel’s HAH!

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fun fact: the first time I sucked a dick, the guy was really impressed and when I told him it was my first time he was really surprised so I explained “I read too much homoerotic fanfiction” and he just looked at me and said “please keep reading that shit” 


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rest in peace, go eunbi. 
condolences to family,friends,and others who were injured/killed.
other fans,kpop or not,are here for you,ladies codes fandom.
stay strong. #prayforladiescode

Honestly, there isn’t a lot I can say on Eun B personality-wise because I’m not a fan. However I know she was an artist, a talented person, an idol, a living human being, who probably had goals and ambitions and wishes. She was young and still had a whole career a whole life ahead of her. She had family,friends, acquaintances, and friends and fans who are hurting right now.

Listen, I don’t care what fandom you’re in or from but this is a very, very hard time for all of them, especially the ones who lived/are trying to live through the accident.

Many people have just lost someone important to them. Many people are grieving. Do not let your ignorance and selfishness get the best of you.

Either pay your respects or simply be respectful. Don’t use this tragedy to make whatever point you wanna make about kpop and kpop fans. Don’t use this tragedy to further your own agenda. 

Most of all, don’t make this tragedy about you.

Your idol/idols are still alive. You will probably see them at X airport tomorrow.

I know it scares you that death (as it does all) that things like this can happen to them and some might of actually had some close calls but at the end of this day. They are still alive. This girl isn’t. Not to mention, others are still in critical condition.

So think before you speak and if you can’t then just don’t.

Be supportive or be silent.

Once again, rest in peace, Eunbi. You will be missed greatly.

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